Tuesday, February 17, 2004
What is a excellent pair of rimless eyeglasses? A good pair of rimless eyeglasses should be light-weighted. Rimless frames now can be as light as a few grams. Rimless eyeglasses though appears to be very fragile, should be good enough to take hits. Lens on rimless eyeglasses should be armed with the appropriate coatings for the edges are mostly polished to a shine, light enters from all directions and would result in unwanted glare if anti-reflective coating is not put on the lens. Lastly, the rimless eyeglasses frame should have at least some style to it- if possible.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004
The SuperBowl ad you didn't get to see
MoveOn.org organized the BushIn30Seconds campaign to raise the money to air a 30-second spot during the SuperBowl detailing the problems with the Bush administration. The spots were produced by MoveOn fans, released under a Creative Commons license, and juried by a distinguished panel.Only one snag: CBS wouldn't run the winning ad. They claimed that it would be too topical for them (though an ad equating drugs with terrorism and a Janet Jackson's nipple were both peachy keen). So much for open political discourse in America.
Here's the SuperBowl ad you didn't see. It's licensed under a Creative Commons license, so you can make copies, you can share it with your friends, you can put it on your hard-drive and show it to your kids when they ask you what happened to America.

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